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Someone’s Fantasy

April 4, 2008


In icrcream colors, fat red head baby-men flash their little genitals while beating hybrid-beasts that almost seem joined. I am convinced someone fantasizes about this.


This is where I become sad and disoriented

March 19, 2008


You wanted to know where the line is. The line where I stop having an intellectual interest in pornography and I begin to feel destroyed and sad. This is the line. I have picked the two tamest examples from denis johnson’s private scrapbook here. But here is the rest. See for yourself if you wish.

It is not so much that sex and death unpin one another’s form and swap. It is that there are these adolescent boys whose lives are taken as they give them away. It is the manner in which these previously scooped out boys participate in their own abnegation. They welcome it because they know they survived everything else. But they don’t survive this (these snuffed out death scenes) and I don’t know if we even survive what we thought we did in the past. Cooper is not like Nin. She makes all of the s/m seem without risk. Cooper restores the presence of the zombie. there are really people walking around with missing parts. And they enter you because something is missing in you as well. Your both zombies even before the sacrifice began.

More Horse Lady

March 19, 2008




Typical Araki

March 18, 2008


Where as these Araki images are more expected. The ropes that lacerate and push outward- a real bonified haunting by snuff imagery dogs these images. The woman who demands to be tied is missing from his compendium. In Dorothy Alison’s “Skin” she is able, with words, to indicate that a woman can be roped as an experimentation in strength and limit and that it doesn’t even come close to captivity and misogyny. That isn’t apparent here. There was also once an interview with a Japanese female pornographer, read a decade ago, where she detailed an ancient relationship of the knot to fucking. She spoke of all the different forms of knots (hundreds) and the sailors who made them and the regional differences. Suddenly, I wanted to read the knots that bound women’s bodies. How did it locate them? Who had bound them and from what place? Which vocation tied which knot under which breast, rubbing between which legs?

“I must have hurt both the eye and the heart of the reader”

March 18, 2008

Captain John Gabriel Stedham

Caption: “Negro hung alive by the Ribs to a Gallows’
[Capt. Stedman did not witness this torture but heard about it from ‘a decent looking man’. The victim was apparently kept alive for three days and never complained.]”

“Captain John Gabriel Stedman, a member of the Scots Brigade in the Netherlands, went to Surinam to help repress a revolt of former slaves. His book, translated into six languages, describes, among other things, the cruel treatment of slaves in that colony. His book was originally illustrated by William Blake, Francesco Bartolozzi, and others; those illustrations have been copied and slightly reinterpreted by the illustrator of this [Italian] edition. The text of this edition is based on the 1798 French edition. The artist could be Cristoforo dall’Acqua, Austrian printmaker and draftsman.”

Stedman claims that his publication “must have hurt both the eye and the heart of the reader.”

Now, let us locate this image within a history of looking at lynching photography. Hilton Als essay, GWTW, plows through a dark and depressing compendium of lynching photographs. Als does not shy away from the fact that the publisher of this book, Twin Palms, also does a brisk business in gay erotica (Duane Michels, JackPierson, Herbert List, Stephen Barker…) and moreover, that the bodies and positioning of the lynched men does not always significantly differ from the images in the ‘sanctified’ modern male erotica. Als lets the readerin on the fact that someone somewhere is masturbating to a lynching photograph. Its violence does not exclude it from sexual fantasy and may in fact be just what includes it.


Lastly, although Als does dot go this far, that above and beyond lynching (is that possible?), we equate hanging with autoeroticaffixiation. We hear about and visualize the suburban teenage boys found in their bedroom with a rope around their neck and semen on their legs. Its uncommon but not uncommon enough to surface and resurface. There is an attempt to block out the vision of the semen that may be forced even in the direst and most grotesque circumstances. The arched backs and titlting heads of the victims also point us towards this unmentionable associative slip. And when the men are lynched together? There is a fucked up and pulsing dance created by the sway of the rope – a sudden intimacy- where the bodies seem to dance against one another and that too becomes unmentionable and marginal. We sexualize inspite of ourselves; outside of a conception of ethical thought.