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April 4, 2008


Pisces in the Zodiac are bound by one thick blue smear, that is loaded, in my mind’s eye, with roe. They have had sex, but everything still clings between.



April 4, 2008

25batslarge2.jpgThese bats are writhing in their formal death throws.

But if you uncurled the female bats from their last thrashing in the snow what would be revealed, is a torso that is nothing other than a miniature female torso covered in dark fur. The bat breasta are firm and large compared to her small waist. Her bat pussy – that is another thing all together. You can’t enter it. Its the first time any human man wished his penis were smaller . Small enough to enter the dark haired bat without wrecking her fine torso, her little organs.

Instead, he can only take a fine small tongue to the bat’s beginning. (Isn’t this where everything begins? So sez Courbet) It is out of this world. You lap her up. You taste what? Ahundred night flights? Fruit sucked and suckled in darkness? A hundred day dreams in a hundred caves? Not really. You taste an animal who has never cleaned herself, never been tasted- only eaten in the south pacific. They eat her whole body there and then die later of brain ailments. But your only going to taste her. What color are the lips? What does she taste like?

April 4, 2008


As illustrated by previous posts, I am interested in an erotic/pornographic imaginary that has yet to be familiar to me and others.

Here, a woman writhes in black liquid – and because she is beautiful and the scattered flan and artful posture imdicate a sexual possibility- let’s pretend its orgasmic fluid – the color of squid ink.

Canoe: a third gender

March 18, 2008


Araki’s images are often the twisted open bodies of women – broadly fetishized, roped, and robed. The privacy of the underarm and the black hairs that take shelter in it and this women curled just so on the bottom of a boat with a slitted center surprise me. I didn’t know he was capable of stealth eroticism.


March 18, 2008



March 18, 2008


There is a reluctance in American society to locate the site of death as the site of sex. I come up against this repeatedly. In my class, “Visualizing Aggression: Documenting America at War”, we watch a DOE film of an atomic blast. The maker has decided to repeat the moment of the blast over and over and over. It is a sloppy fast edit. I ask my students where they have seen this same technique in other genres. They are speechless. “Does the ‘moneyshot ring a bell?” Silence. “Of course, none of you have ever watched porn…how silly of me to assume,” I say. “So, in some hastily assembled cheap porns from the 1980’s I have seen them repeat and repeat the man ejaculating in a similar way. So, here we see the moneyshot migrate from a pornography of eros…” to a pornography of thanatos (death). To see an atomic plume. singularly, as ejaculatory is a bit basic but when it is paired when porn’s crude editing techniques are directly cribbed, the belabored relationship is unavoidable.

But the above are images The above images of UPSHOT_KNOTHOLE March 17, 1953 – detail a shock wave blowing fire out and the building starting to disintegrate. The manner in which the building is flush with light, pulses than bursts brings it closer to the physiogamy of female orgasm than the atomic clouds fussed over by the DOE film editor. This happens on the ground; habitation is destroyed and the process is – awful lovely.